Hair Transplant - The Beauty of Hair CAN and MUST be returned!


Hair Transplant - The Beauty of Hair CAN and MUST be returned!

The problem of baldness or hair loss has caused the emergence of different methods and cosmetic preparations designed to deal with this unpleasant case. There are many remedies for hair loss both for men and women, but, unfortunately, due to their individual predisposition, they do not help everyone. According to observations, many local remedies have therapeutic effect only during use and do not give any prolonged effect. It is believed that hair transplant may be the solution in this situation. Hair loss, causing baldness or alopecia, can be associated with various reasons, among which hormonal dysfunction, unbalanced diet, previous infections, overloads of emotional or physical nature, etc. can be distinguished. Among all these reasons, the most common cause is hormonal imbalance. It can develop in men and women, which is characterized by increased sensitivity of hair follicle to the hormone testosterone.

Under the influence of testosterone, atrophy of the hair follicles gradually occurs, followed by their loss. When a person notices that his hair is beginning to thin rapidly, he becomes very anxious and rushes to look for ways to solve the problem. It mostly scares women who are more sensitive to their appearance, but many men cannot help but worry about their baldness.

Even if the patient is determined to do hair transplant, he will have to undergo an examination in a medical institution. Based on the results obtained, a trichologist will determine the cause of baldness and evaluate the general state of health. The skin of the head is studied using a special camera that allows you to visually see the condition of the hair. Doctor examines the condition of the follicles. If they can still be survived, conservative treatment is recommended, as there is still hope for the revival of patient’s own hair. If the follicles are already closed for external supply of nutrients, then there is practically no chance of their recovery, and transplantation is the only way to reanimate hair.    

Hair transplant is a great opportunity to regain self-confidence for men suffering from baldness, and for women not to worry more about their appearance.It should be considered that the visible effect will not come immediately. During the intervention, it is not the hair itself that is transplanted, but only the follicles, so it is necessary to wait until they give new growth. This usually occurs 2-3 months after transplantation.

The transplantation procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, so that patients do not experience pain and any discomfort during the procedure. The duration of the operation may be different and depends on transplant area. On average, follicle transplant takes from 4 to 5 hours. If the baldness area is too large, another or more operations may be required. Repeated intervention is recommended no earlier than 4-6 months after the first transplantation. After the procedure, it is not recommended to wash and massage the hair for 14 days, and also visit sauna or bath at this time. After the completion of the postoperative period, care for transplanted hair is no different from normal.Different areas of the scalp have different sensitivity to testosterone, and the crown and forehead are the most vulnerable in this regard. The occipital part is practically not affected by the hormone; therefore, hair for transplantation is taken mainly from this area. In addition, there is a technique for transplanting artificial hair. However, this method is rarely practiced, as a rejection reaction may develop on synthetic foreign material. In addition, artificial hair requires special, gentle care and regular medical procedures to prevent loss. Hair taken from another person is not used for the same reason as the risk of transplant rejection is very high.


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