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Patient Stories

We are proud to share our patients experiences with their consent.

Rakhima Ganieva

Rakhima Ganieva Oncology

In Uzbekistan I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatment lasted almost two years, but did not bring results. I underwent several courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but it only got worse. I decided to go to Israel after all. After examination in the clinic, this diagnosis was not confirmed, it turned out that I have a different type of cancer. The histology  done in Uzbekistan turned out to be wrong. Different treatment was prescribed. It became easier for me after a few days. vI would also like to tell about the doctors and the clinic. The doctor himself and all the doctors of the clinic amaze with their sensitive attitude to patient, they listened carefully. 

  • October 23 2021
Aleksey Kozikov

Aleksey Kozikov Pediatrics

My son developed severe headaches on the right side and signs of paralysis. After contacting a neurologist at the place of residence, an MRI scan was performed and neoplasm was found in the right lobe of the brain. We went to several clinics. Doctors could not tell if it was benign or malignant and suggested opening the skull for a biopsy. They could not give a guarantee that after the diagnosis, everything will be fine and the child will continue to develop normally. With the help of Rhazes Global Team within one day we received an offer of examination and an invitation from Koch University Hospital and in 2 days we were already in Istanbul.

  • October 14 2021
Constanţa Bălan

Constanţa Bălan Neurology

Last year I started having very strong headaches and dizziness. Even there was a lack of coordination and nausea. My head ached with attacks day and night, painkillers did not help at all. A doctor in my country referred me for MRI and was immediately diagnosed with epilepsy and offered hormonal therapy. The whole family was very worried. In our family, no one had such diseases and we decided to apply for a second opinion from a Turkish clinic through Rhazes Global.

  • October 7 2021
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