Arrival in the USA and Welcoming

When you arrive in the USA, your assistant, who will serve you during the whole process, meets you in the airport and accompanies you to your pre-selected home.


Rhazes Global will arrange your accommodation and transfer service before you arrive in Miami. The house you choose among the different options we offer is located in an area close to your hospital and you will find all the details that will make you feel at home.


Doctor’s Examination and Hospital Tour

Doctor’s examination and hospital tour; the first week hospital tour appointment is arranged and your private consultant shows round the hospital and rooms. You have your first doctor appointment and  first examination.



We determine your shopping day according to the package you choose. In the meantime, we start to inform you on all areas; traffic rules, restaurants, shopping stores, etc.

You will receive guidance on how and where to buy the best quality and useful products economically, while informing you of the items you will need or not for your baby. You can be sure that there will be a significant difference between the total amount you spend for your baby with our guidance and your own shopping both in your country and any state of the United States.


Opening a Bank Account

If you prefer to open a bank account to use for your daily transactions, we will assist you with the visit to a bank on the 2nd day of your arrival.

Birth Process and Hospital Guidance

On the day of delivery, your birth coach will arrange your doctor, hospital, room and start registration. Your birth coach will be as close as your doctor and nurses and assist in communication with them. You will not experience any stress, your delivery will be comfortably without thinking about what the next step will be. We will actively support you at least 15 hours, from the moment of your birth pangs to meeting your baby and settling into your private room.

Carrying out all necessary related prenatal and postnatal tests. Providing a transfer service for physician examination and visits to hospital.

Hospital stay for 2 days in normal delivery and 3 days in cesarean delivery.

Ensuring all kinds of health checks related to baby and mother during hospital stay.

Routine doctor checks for both mother and baby within 15 days after delivery.

Compulsory vaccinations of baby and mother.

Birth certificate procedures.

Welcome gift and package for your baby in the hospital

After leaving the hospital, we provide full support for the supply of medicines that mother should take from the pharmacy with a transfer service.

Baby Care Products

Your baby car seat and baby bed will be delivered to your home for your use as long as you stay there.

Passport and Registration Process

Rhazes Global undertakes all the necessary post-birth legal records, birth and citizenship documents of the baby, obtaining a passport and providing the Social Security number and card.


Our Flight Route

Our preference is Turkish Airlines – Istanbul - Miami direct flight, in order not to get tired in the last months of your pregnancy by making transfers on different flights  and complete your journey in a shorter time.


We provide a transfer service to Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airport from your home.

24/7 Emergency Support

You will always be in direct contact with your Birth Coach Tuğçe Atakan and our team 7/24 in case of emergency or imporation situations.


Additional Services

Rhazes Global delivers all the additional services you request.  Prenatal massage, weekly yoga and plates classes, interpreting service, English language course, digiturk broadcast, trip planning to nearby cities, insured caregiver, birth photographer, shopping guide service, match tickets, city concerts and museum tickets are some of the additional services we offer.

Other Services

Cord Blood Bank

Kindergarten for your child if available


Room decoration

The above offers can be presented as our special offer according to your request.

This section will not be used unless an unwanted situation occurs.

• Individual tests outside the procedure if baby or mother faces with health problem

• Medical services received through emergency services

• Radiology, pathology and other professional services

• Intensive care unit for baby

• Baby incubator

• Ultraviolet light for baby

• Doctors and nurses working in the intensive care unit