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Anomalies in the development of the brain are defined by medicine as a deviation from normal development that occurs in utero. Such congenital non-progressive structural abnormalities can manifest as small changes that are not detected clinically, but can take the form of gross deformities incompatible with life.

At the same time, there is an exceptional polymorphism of the etiology of congenital anomalies in the development of the body in general and the brain in particular. Various exogenous factors are named as influencing factors - mechanical, hypoxic, infectious-toxic and other disorders, ionizing radiation. The endogenous factors of influence include chronic diseases of the mother, old age of parents, hormonal dysfunction and other causes.

Of course, heredity also plays a role. But in each specific case, it can be very difficult to determine the causes of the anomalies.

Diagnostics of the developmental malformations of the brain:

Modern diagnostics is designed to detect severe cerebrovascular malformations even in the perinatal period, with ultrasound screening of pregnancy. Anomalies in the development of the brain are often incompatible with life and lead to intrauterine death or death in the first months after birth.

If in the process of a child's life alarming neurological and neuropsychiatric symptoms arise, it is necessary to consult a pediatric neurologist. To accurately diagnose the cause of the symptoms that have arisen, the doctor may prescribe:

MRI of the brain. This is the most informative method for visualizing brain structures, with the help of which the vast majority of anatomical abnormalities are detected;
Neurosonography. Ultrasound of the brain for children under 1 year old, through the fontanelle;
Electroencephalography (EEG). Registration of electrical signals from the brain.
Prolonged video EEG monitoring.

Treatment of developmental abnormalities of the brain:

Treatment is predominantly symptomatic. With epilepsy, antiepileptic drug therapy is selected. In case of impaired mental development and speech, neurocorrection is carried out, classes with teachers-defectologists.

If the identified malformation of the brain is operable and the prognosis for surgical treatment is favorable, the patient may be referred to a neurosurgeon to resolve the issue of surgical treatment in specialized institutions.

Quick Details
  • Brain Development Abnormalities

    The following abnormalities of the development of the brain are clinically distinguished:







    congenital intracranial aneurysms

    cranial hernia and other abnormalities.

  • Indications for Consultation with a Geneticist

    cases of malformations and stillbirths in a couple or in a family history;
    presence of relatives suffering from degenerative diseases of the central nervous system;
    age of the pregnant mother is over 35 years old;
    closely related relationship of the couple;
    viral infections transferred before conception or in early pregnancy (toxoplasmosis, rubella, hepatitis B and C, etc.);
    irregular ionizing radiation of any of the spouses before conception.

Causes of abnormalities in the development of the brain:

Infections carried by mother during pregnancy. The most dangerous in this respect are toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, encephalitis;
Exposure to chemical, radiological factors;
Bad habits of mother: nicotine addiction, the use of drugs, psychotropic substances, the use of alcohol;
The use of certain pharmacological drugs. The child's nervous system is laid literally from the first days after conception - at this time, the expectant mother may not even suspect about pregnancy and use medications that have a harmful effect on the fetus;
Diseases associated with metabolic disorders, in particular, decompensated diabetes mellitus;
Direct genetic dependence (on average, 1-2% of all cases).

Occurance of brain abnormalities

Visual. Disproportionately small or disproportionately big head;

Deformation of the bones of the skull;

Impaired mental function;

Delayed speech development;

Convulsive syndrome;

Low or high muscle tone.

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