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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket is among the leading names of the healthcare world. With more than 500 bed capacity and all departments as Oncology, Cardiology, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Neurology, Nephrology, Organ Transplantation, Urology, Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology,, Bone Marrow Transplantion, etc., the hospital offers different treatmet options.

The hospital is equipped with latest advanced technologies. Beside, there is Asia’s first BrainSUITE - Neurosurgical operation room, where MRI is taken during surgery. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket has been awarded by the “Association of Healthcare Providers of India” for its high level of services.


The Cancer Care center offers patients with cancer, treatments through Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Radiation Oncology. The best cancer doctors at Saket, specialized in the treatment of head, neck, breast, lung, gastriontestinal and other types of cancer. Combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy in cancer treatment is the way the hospital applies and believes. 

This is the first institution in the northern India which provides Novalis Tx for IMRT/IGRT, Radiosurgery, HIPEC and SRS/SRT. Beside, the hospital is equipped with latest Da Vinci XI Robotic System which is used in treating difficult cases as colon, prostate, cervix cancers and tumors of the heart.

Organ Transplantation

Liver Transplantation, Lung Transplantation, Kİdney Transplantation and Bone Marrow Transplantation are performed at the center.  MAX Hospital, Saket in New Delhi is most preferred center for organ transplantation in India. A lot of patients from all over the world come to this hospital relying on its already achieved success. Thanks to experienced doctors and all the staff of the center, success in transplantation outcomes grows day by day.

The team, consisting of 200 members, who has 20 years of experience, has performed more than 2600 transplants and provides intense care during and after the transplantation. Today organ transplantation success rate is over 95%.


At the Neurosciences Center, all kind of neurological disorders; brain tumours, movement disorders, spinal  diseases, all neurovascular diseases, trauma of spine or brain are treated by highly experienced doctors and advanced technologies. There is also the most advanced neurological operation room; BRAINSuite at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket which is the first in Asia and the third in the world. It guarantees complete treatment in brain tumours by the opportunity of taking MRI during brain surgery.

The Center is equipped with High-end microscope, Neuro Navigation, Stereotaxy, Endoscopic surgery, as well as clinics for epilepsy, neuromuscular and movement disorders. Brain and Spine Surgery, Brain Tumor Removal, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Baclofen Pump and Disc Replacement Surgery, Interventional Neurology and Neuro-Immunology examinations are also performed at the center.

Additional Services
  • TV in the room
  • Medical records transfer
  • Interpreter services
  • Airport pickup
  • Flight booking
  • Free Wifi
  • Private rooms for patients available
  • Parking available
  • Nursery / Nanny services
  • Visa / Travel office
  • Laundry
  • Religious facilities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Personal assistance / Concierge
  • Hotel booking
  • Local tourism options
  • Phone in the room
  • Special dietary requests accepted
  • Family accommodation
  • Spa and wellness
  • Beauty salon
  • Foreign currency exchange office
  • Dry cleaning
  • Restaurante
  • Pharmacy
Requirements For Admission
  • Payment Methods

    Cash - Credit cards - Bank account

  • Patient's Age


  • Documents Language

    The hospital is ready to study medical records in the following languages:

    English - French - Turkish - Russian - Romanian

  • Transfer

    Airport to Hospital  Free 

    Hospital to Airport  Free 

  • Translator

    English - Russian - Arabic  Free 

  • Accommodation

    Hotel (apartments) near the hospital, billed daily $50 - $100


Subash Gupta M.D.
Subash Gupta M.D. Organ Transplantation, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Patient Reviews - 5.0

Lalu  Profile Picture



The medical team is amazing. They take really good care of the patient, before surgery and after following up. Thank God and doctors, my father is in good condition now. Still, we are in touch with our doctor. thanks to the Rhazes team also.

February 26 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Lana  Profile Picture



My husband and I are happy that we choose MAX healthcare and Rhazes Global. They did everything for us at a high level. everything is competent, beautiful and of high quality. We didn't even feel that we are in another country. There were always translators with us in the clinic and the operating room. wonderful, positive, attentive team. Thanks.

February 26 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Lucas Profile Picture



I am happy I chose Max for my liver transplantation, operation was very successful, all doctors from the team were very nice and attentive, not to say anything about their professionalism, I communicate with them through Rhazes Global and follow up is also amazing! I recommend Max hospital to everyone

February 21 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Vika  Profile Picture



Dr. Harit Chaturverdi is a very good doctor, an angel. Even if you do not receive treatment in MAX Healthcare, he will write a treatment plan online for you. He gives the best advice and follows periodically. You can ask for help from the international medical tourism company RHAZES global. My consultant was Sopo. You can reach her from their office.

February 17 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Marekhi  Profile Picture



I am glad that I have contacted the Rhazes team, especially Aitan. I have got a perfect treatment plan from the dermatologist of MAX healthcare. Recommending to all. they did everything online. 1st experience and it was successful.

January 24 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Rima  Profile Picture



MAX Healthcare looks like a five-star hotel, best medical service, they mostly are not thinking commercially and are focused on the delivery of upper-quality healthcare, providing all necessary facilities.

January 16 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Tamar  Profile Picture



I was searching for liver transplantation for my brother abroad. I have searched a lot and found our that cheapest and high-quality services, operations provided by Turkish and Indian doctors in this field. With the help of Rhazes Global, I have send my brothers medical reports and matching test results to Turkey and India. In both countries, the doctor`s offered the same treatment plan. But we made a decision on the Indian Max Healthcare organ transplantation team. Because the success rate was much higher than in other countries. and even at the country level. Moreover prices twice cheaper than Turkey. If someone needs some help, you can definitely contact the Rhazes Global Georgia office.

January 10 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Albina  Profile Picture



I have done Heart Bypass operation in Max Healthcare. the procedure was so easy after contacting with Rhazes Global. They arranged everything for me. With my travel expenses, I spent 7500$. It is so cheap and a high level of medical service. The staff were very supportive and the doctors were very nice and supportive at the professional level. The hospital is very very clean, encouraging, and comfortable.

January 7 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Anastasia Profile Picture



I am so grateful to Max hospital and Rhazes Global, not only they maintained fulfillment of my life (I was experiencing increasing discomfort for months due to multiple spinal disk protrusions, which were successfully treated through spine surgery) they made whole experience pleasant for me, comfortable transfer, four language speaking translator and truly competitive price were definitely huge benefits for me.

December 27 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Elena  Profile Picture



I have a prosthesis on my knee. It was time to change it. Before that, I used a European-made prosthesis. I had no complaints. It's just that the price was too high. I was looking for cheaper and the same quality. I did a lot of research on this and settled on the Indian brand. Not only the brand of the prosthesis but also the experience of the doctor is important. For that, I went to the MAX clinic. They helped me a lot there. It was cheaper for me, and I feel much more comfortable.

December 22 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Ashfaq Profile Picture



after long discussions and online consultations, 6 months before we have done kidney transplantation in MAX hospital. They saved my son's life. I am grateful to them. God bless all the team of MAX and Rhazes Global. I don't know how to express my feelings. Thanks a lot.

December 9 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Sara Profile Picture



Thanks to Rhazes Global I found this hospital and has successful treatment.Kind support of Rhazes Global team made me feel more confident on this way. Hospital is perfect! Thank you so much!!

December 5 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Tamila Profile Picture



მქონდა ხერხემლის ტრავმა მიღებული, რაც დიდი ხნის განმავლობაში მაწუხებდა. ეს პრობლემა Max Super Speciality Hospital-ში ერთხელ და სამუდამოდ აღმოიფხვრა პროფესიონალი ექიმების დახმარებით, ჩამიტარდა ხერხემლის ოპერაცია. გარემო იყო ძალიან სასიამოვნო, რაც თავს მშვიდად მაგრძნობინებდა. მინდა მადლიერება გამოვხატო ყველა იმ ადამიანის მიმართ, ვინც ასე დამეხმარა ცხოვრების ჩვეული რიტმით გაგრძელებაში.

December 3 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Gigi  Profile Picture



I have participated in a medical conference which organized MAX Healthcare. I had a chance to visit the clinic and meet several world-famous doctors from the organ transplantation department. Clinic managers informed that they started some collaboration with Georgian clinics. they will do some masterclasses and operation with Georgian doctors together. Their official representative in Georgia is Rhazes Global. Thanks to them for arranging such a conference for me. Moreover Rhazes Global offers plenty of conferences, clinical experiences for medical students, graduates, and doctors.

November 21 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Zuleiha Profile Picture



I was treated because of pituitary adenoma 5 years ago at local hospital in my country. when 2 years ago my symptoms came back. I decided to try another hospital I reached Max hospital's Radiologist and oncologist's second opinion regarding my case, and then I immediately went for stereotactic radiosurgery, my results are great so far.

November 17 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Mariam Profile Picture



I have got online medical consultation with the doctor Dr. K S Daggar from the pediatric cardiology department. He has checked all our medical reports. He is not only the best doctor also, perfect physiologist. we were so worried about our son, but with his advice and our local doctor's help, my son getting better and better day by day. Most probably after 2 months, we will go to India for control. Thank doctors and Rhazes team for priceless help.

November 11 2019 Show original Auto-translated
lili Profile Picture



I've heard from my distant relative that ophthalmology is at high level in India. with the help of Rhazes global team we were connected to Max Healthcare's leading ophthalmologist, my grandpa is more than happy to see colorful world again after his glaucoma treatment!

November 10 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Tamara  Profile Picture



I am a medical school graduates. I have done my clinical observership in MAX HEALTHCARE. It was an amazing experience for me. Their doctors are incredibly talented. Most of them educated in the USA and Canadian Universities. They have a big practice to share. Even their treatment methods are different. They are following all medical protocols. Clinic accredited with high-level JCI certification. Honestly, I even never so such big patient flow. In a day hospital accepts more than 1000 patients. 20% percent of patient is International patients. It is just a perfect health care system. Because they are working as a team. As a future doctor. I would recommend everyone who is planning to get treatment abroad. India would be the best option for you.

November 8 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Ekaterine  Profile Picture



1st of all I would like thanks to Rhazes Global Georgia team. they helped me collect all medical reports. They even helped to translate them from Georgian to English. We have sent all medical reports for evaluation to MAX healthcare. They gave a prompt in 1 day. We have discussed it with our local Georgian doctor. Finally made the decision to make bone marrow transplantation in India. We went there with our donor. they many testings, examinations. But it was so fast. it took only 1 week for evaluation. After 1 week, transplantation has done very well. All the doctors were attentive, explained everything in detail after each procedure. The translator which clinic provided us was speaking in Turkish, Russian, and English. She was so nice and translated all information properly. We came back to our home country. almost every week 2 or 3 times Rhazes Global Team following up on our patient`s situation. This is an amazing team working. Thanks a lot.

November 7 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Iraklı  Profile Picture



I have used an online medical consultation service of the MAX clinic by the support of Rhazes Global. I satisfied.

October 23 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Azad Profile Picture



My son treated by prof. Pradeep Chowbey. he is the best expert ever.

October 18 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Solla Profile Picture



I have got a remote second opinion from Dr. Ankur from Medical Oncology. Based on his opinion I was getting the wrong treatment in my home country. I have changed my clinic and the new doctor followed his medical protocol. They made a lot of Concilium. Now I am feeling much better. Thanks to Dr. Ankur and Rhazes Global care team, that helped me a lot.

October 12 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Lena Profile Picture



ძალიან კმაყოფილი ვარ ოფთალმოლოგიის დეპარტამენტით და ნამდვილად ყველას ვურჩევდი. ბებიას ბროლის გადანერგვამ ძალიან წარმატებულად ჩაიარა, 24 საათის განმავლობაში გვეხმარებოდა რუსულენოვანი თარჯიმანი და გვემსახურებოდა ტრანსფერი.

October 6 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Anni  Profile Picture



The doctor was very good, answered all questions, explained everything. Only the thing which we didn`t like, is Dehli airport and streets. we waited for our transfer for a long time. but the clinic is clean and high level. The medical staff is so nice. overall the reception and consultation went well.

October 1 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Baia  Profile Picture



I made my radiology clinical rotation in Max. The teaching team is incredible. I have got a lots of experience in 4 weeks. right now I am using that practical experience in my clinic. Moreover, this clinic`s facility is amazing. all facilities designed for the patients' comfort. If some treatment is not available in Georgia, I am offering Max to my patients. Highly recommending!!!

September 25 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Vano Profile Picture



Actually I was planning to go to India for traveling. But while making research I have reached out that this country is in the top 5 healthcare prover list. I made an appointment for a full check-up. I was not expected like this. 1st clinic was super clean, facility was amazing. Most importantly, for a full check-up, I have spent 450$. They gave me an answer in 2 days. all medical staff speaks English. Moreover, some of them know Russian as well. So you will not have any problem with communication. I am sure that you will be happy.

September 7 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Leyli Profile Picture



well organized by the support of RHAZES GLOBAL: e-visa, the appointment with the best oncologist, cheapest flight ticket, the hospital is well maintained, perfect treatment plan, best oncologist I have ever seen. Everyone I talk to is very polite, attentive and try to fulfill all the request and solve the problem. Thank you so much, Dr. Harit and Rhazes Global. I will be happy to work with you again.

August 17 2019 Show original Auto-translated

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