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What is Liposuction?

Today, liposuction is considered one of the most popular procedures in the world. This operation allows you to adjust the contours of the body, get rid of fat on the abdomen or hips without surgical intervention. To eliminate body fat, doctors of modern clinics use special devices that are absolutely harmless to health. Thanks to such devices, the procedure of liposuction of the abdomen takes place without damage to internal organs. The operation is suitable for both men and women.

There are several different types of liposuction. Your plastic surgeon will be able to help determine the choice of procedure. The type of operation is selected depending on the degree of obesity and on the individual features of each patient's body.

This procedure is absolutely safe for health. And risks can arise only due to the individual features of individual patients and the incompetence of a doctor. Therefore, doctors must be carefully selected. It must be a proven and experienced plastic surgeon.

In world practice, this procedure has been used for over forty years. First performed in 1979 in France. Then there was only a standard vacuum technique. It had a low invasiveness and minimal risks of postoperative complications. Over time, doctors from different countries began to improve the technique of eliminating body fat.

As a result, we have different types of liposuction, so almost everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves, depending on individual features.

The most problematic areas are the buttock region, the outer surface of the thighs, the inner surface of the knees, flanks, chin, abdomen, etc. A considerable amount of adipose tissue accumulates in these areas of the body, which is almost impossible to remove with the help of fitness training or diet food.

Liposuction will bring the desired result if the excess adipose tissue is not caused by diseases of the internal organs. Another condition for the success of the operation is good skin elasticity. The operation is not performed in patients with liver and kidney, thyroid gland, varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, arterial hyperstension problems. Any surgical interventions are contraindicated in infectious, inflammatory processes.

Technique of Procedure 

Liposuction can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon introduces a special solution into the previously designated area, which includes an anesthetic, a vasoconstrictor and electrolytes. Fat is aspirated by means of a vacuum pump and cannula with a diameter of less than 5 mm. The metal catheter has rounded ends, so the nerve endings and blood vessels are not damaged. The tissue incisions in the standard procedure do not exceed 5 mm in length. After performing all the interventions, cosmetic sutures are applied. The duration of the operation depends on the amount of work, varies from 30 minutes to 3-5 hours.

Quick Details
  • Required Tests

    Blood test - level of coagulability, as well as tests for infectious diseases and biochemistry.

    General urine analysis.

    Electrolyte composition of blood.

    Hepatitis C and B viruses, HIV.

    Ultrasound examination if necessary.

    Chest x-ray.

  • Areas of Application






Types of Liposuction

Standard vacuum - It involves the removal of fat through cuts using a vacuum pump.

Water jet - A special technique that has its own nuances.

Ultrasonic - Ultrasound has an effect on the correction zone, thereby destroying the fat layer.

Laser - The safest type of liposuction that does not involve incisions.

Tumescent This type involves the effect on the skin of a solution that is injected using the apparatus, separating fat cells from connective tissue.

Radiofrequency - Performed by radio waves.

Syringe - Using this technique, you can get rid of local fat  in some areas. The volume of fat removal should be no more than half a liter.

Advantages of Liposuction

Liposuction is an absolutely painless procedure, since anesthesia is used.

Patients can count on a long-term result.

You do not have to spend time on maintenance therapies.

The results of the procedure will be noticeable after the first session.

With this operation, you can process not only the stomach and hips, but also the buttocks, chin, sides, knees.

The procedure is absolutely safe for the human body.

Possible Complications

Bleeding, fomation of hematomas, seromas, allergic reaction to anesthesia, removal of body fat can provoke an asymmetry of the area in which the intervention were performed, decrease in skin elasticity


Presence of malignant neoplasms; Hereditary obesity; Presence of hypertension; Presence of heart defects; Peptic ulcer and intestinal diseases; Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
Ppresence of pacemakers; Kidney or liver problems; Blood coagulation problem; Endocrine system diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus).

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