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Medipol Mega Hospital, which breaks grounds right along with being an university hospital, by hosting four different medical centers again holds the title of being the first private medical complex in Turkey. 

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex stands out as a hospital in Turkey which performs large health investment with its General, Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Dental Centers, also the highest number of specialities.

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex, is the first hospital inTurkey with the latest technology and  the best medical equipment. The Center is an important actor both in the national and international arena, the new reference center in the health sector.

Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex has 515 bed capacity, 126 Intensive Care Units (32 General, 15 Coronary, 26 CVS, 53 Neonatal Intensive Care), all of which are equipped with smart systems and technology, as well as polyclinics in all branches with 267 rooms.


The Neurosurgery Department provides services in the following areas:

Vascular Neurosurgery, Aneurysm Surgery, AVM Surgery, Carotid Endarterectomy Surgery, Intracerebral Hematoma Surgery, Isemic Stroke Surgery, By-Pass, Indirect Cerebral Revascularization, Decompressive Craniectomy.

Oncologic Neurosurgery, Spinal Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Trauma, Functional Neurosurgery cases are dealt with at the department.


There are 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant professors and 3 specialists in the Pathology Department. There are 9 technicians, 5 secretaries and 1 assistant personnel in the laboratory of the department. In 2017, one of the research assistants completed his specialty training and became a pathology specialist.

Approximately 30000 biopsies, consultation and cytology materials are diagnosed and 330 intraoperative examinations are performed in the pathology laboratory. In addition to conventional hematoxylin and eosin staining, histochemical, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence studies are performed. Reports are kept both in computer and document archives, and all blocks and slides of biopsy and cytology materials are archived.

Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all diseases with fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other hepatitis viruses, Diarrhea, AIDS (HIV infection), Cold and flu, Skin soft tissue infections, Rash diseases, Food poisoning, Parasitic diseases, Systematic fungal infections, Infectious and diseases such as meningitis are carried out at the department.

In Medipol University hospital, in order to prevent nosocomial infections, all precautions are taken both as hospital infrastructure and working principles. The Infection Control Committee ensures that preventive measures are taken not only for patients but also for employees and visitors.

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Additional Services
  • TV in the room
  • Medical records transfer
  • Interpreter services
  • Airport pickup
  • Flight booking
  • Free Wifi
  • Private rooms for patients available
  • Parking available
  • Nursery / Nanny services
  • Visa / Travel office
  • Laundry
  • Religious facilities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Personal assistance / Concierge
  • Hotel booking
  • Local tourism options
  • Phone in the room
  • Special dietary requests accepted
  • Family accommodation
  • Spa and wellness
  • Beauty salon
  • Foreign currency exchange office
  • Dry cleaning
  • Restaurante
  • Pharmacy
Requirements For Admission
  • Payment Methods

    Cash - Credit cards - Bank account

  • Patient's Age


  • Transfer

    Airport to Hospital  Free

    Hospital to Airport  Free

  • Documents Language

    The hospital is ready to study medical records in the following languages:

    English - French - Turkish - Russian - Romanian

  • Translator

    English - Russian - Persian - Georgian - Arabic  Free

  • Accommodation

    Hotel (apartments) near the hospital, billed daily $50 - $100


Abdulkadir Ömer M.D.
Abdulkadir Ömer M.D. Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Diseases
Ali Mert M.D.
Ali Mert M.D. Internal Diseases
Bilal Boztosun M.D.
Bilal Boztosun M.D. Cardiology
Nejat Akalan M.D.
Nejat Akalan M.D. Neurosurgery


Patient Reviews - 4.9

Shirin Profile Picture



Dr. Nejat is so professional. Extremely satisfied with the appointment.

September 30 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Jaroslav Profile Picture



I have got the second opinion from doctor Ahmet Bilici. It was so useful. I didn`t travel to Turkey. Rhazes Global solved everything. Now I am continuing my treatment in my country.

April 19 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Adrain Profile Picture



I am from Italy. 7 months before urgently I needed to do heart bypass operation. I had health insurance, but I needed to wait in the patient queue. I have started to make research about treatment abroad. then I met with Rhazes Global. They helped me to get the fastest answer from one of the best in Turkey, Medipol. Immediately arranged everything and went. I am very thankful to all of you and all the staff of the hospital that has taken care of us in professionalism and faithfulness.

April 16 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Giga Profile Picture



The hospital, which has enabled me to undergo a successful operation and treatment process, and each employee, from assistant to professors, are very attentive.

March 2 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Daniael Profile Picture



In my country, the doctor made the wrong diagnosis. They said that I need to make an operation. But when I met with Rhazes Global it changed. they evaluated my medical reports in Medipol Hospital by Dr. Nejat Akalan. He offered me a treatment plan without any operation. Now I am feeling good and every 2 months I am getting online consultation. They are so professional.

February 18 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Daji  Profile Picture



Everything was at a high level. Starting from the airport transfer, doctor appointment, translator, and rhazes representatives follow-ups after treatment. Thanks to all of you. My mother feels very well.

January 20 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Elshad Profile Picture



It is one of the rare hospitals in Istanbul that has both a nephrologist and a dialysis machine.

January 10 2020 Show original Auto-translated
Ghalia Profile Picture



First time in my life, I trusted a company that can organize for me treatment abroad. every time I was asking to my friends, relatives recommended in my home town. But this time I took a risk and trusted to RHAZES GLOBAL. I was going there on a business trip and I had 2 free days. Rhazes team organized everything for me. I made my check-up and very satisfied. Clinics is like a five-star hotel. They really know how to make a VIP service.

December 24 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Aydın Profile Picture



Uzun zamandır endokrinoloji problemlerim var idi ve aldığım müaliceler heç bir netice vermirdi. Türkiyedeki hekimler barede internetde axtarış ederken bu saytda Abdulkadir doktoru tapdım, Rhazes Global vasitesile elaqe yaratdıq meni müayine üçün devet etdiler. Yaxşı ki, bu doktoru tanımışam, indi özümü daha yaxşı hiss edirem ve en esası dermanlardan azad olmuşam. Herkese minnetdaram!

December 21 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Giga Profile Picture



medipol medga hospital is the hospital with the best team in the pediatric cardiovascular field. Doctors and surgeons work in great harmony.

December 19 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Vek Profile Picture



Doctors are friendly and understanding, nurses are concerned and follow the patient closely. The inside is also very clean and bright, it takes you away from hospital suffocation. There may be a lack of coordination between the departments and I came across a couple of things. however, they were not serious situations.

December 15 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Irina Profile Picture



I was the patient of Medipol. Then I wanted to make a doctor's appointment for my brother. Because he had a hematological problem. But the clinic didn`t give an appointment on time. With the help of Rhazes Global, I took an early appointment. I chose Medipol because of the doctor. I would recommend all the patients to get help from medical tourism companies. Because they will not only help you with the appointment, they will also help your financial staff.

December 10 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Lizi Profile Picture



My friend recommended this hospital, who is living in Turkey. Then I have contacted their representative Rhazes Global in Georgia. They helped with making an appointment.

December 4 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Murman Profile Picture



The surgeon must be a very experienced and updated person in the lastest techniques . Must be accredited , qualified and have a good team of collaborators , in order to guarantee the safety of the patient . Medipol is one of the best clinic in the Turkey, I have ever seen.

December 3 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Revan  Profile Picture



For review, I have sent my medical reports. in two days with the help of Rhazes Global I have got a treatment plan. I am planning to go for operation to Medipol. So professional and coordinated healthcare providers.

November 5 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Shuan  Profile Picture



I impressed by the high level of service and the knowledge of the medical team.

November 5 2019 Show original Auto-translated
anton Profile Picture



Меня зовут Антон, я из Киева. Для пересадки волос я выбрал клинику Medipol и не пожалел об этом ни на секунду. Сервис на высшем уровне. Водитель встретил в аэропорту, отвез в отель и помог поселиться. Сама операция тоже была просто замечательной, весь персонал очень добрый и квалифицированный

October 29 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Leila Profile Picture



Medipol staff took care of me and my mom immediately. They answered all of my questions and I never felt lost…Rhazes team helped us during a very scary moment for my family.

October 23 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Tanya Profile Picture



Я не хотел, чтобы травма полученная на поле, мешала мне проводить время со своими детьми. Врач, которого порекомендовали Rhazes Global, стал победителем в нескольких категориях, когда я выбирал врача который сделает сделает мне операцию.

September 20 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Sophiko Profile Picture



A hospital with a great cardiologist like Bilal Boztosun. nurses are also very helpful.

September 20 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Oleg  Profile Picture



Получение второго медицинского мнение от доктора Ахмета изменило мою жизнь. Я не могу выразить словами свое блогадорарство за руководство, которое дала мне команда Rhazes Global.

September 12 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Shota Profile Picture



I am a resident student. a lot of times I have participated in Rhazes Global`s medical conferences. I did not have any doubt about their professionalism. But this time I have used their services as a patient. By their recommendation, I got radiotherapy in Medipol. Right now everything going well. Even I have got the fellowship option there. The clinic is at the highest level. Prices are affordable and VIP service.

September 2 2019 Show original Auto-translated
Ainur  Profile Picture



One of the best University Hospital in Turkey. High-level medical staff and affordable prices. I am a football player in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. At least 1 time in two years I am going to Medipol for a full check-up. I would recommend to all sportsmen. Thanks, Rhazes for making everything easy for me.

August 28 2019 Show original Auto-translated

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