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We offer Hair Transplant Center which is the indisputable leader for all its indicators in Turkey, Istanbul. The Center is constantly improving the work of medical and administrative staff, the service as a whole. Not only the demand for our services is growing, but also patients' requests to those who provide them. As today it is not enough to provide a quality medical service to a patient, we provide comfort to every person who comes to the clinic, personal attention and absolute confidentiality due to the delicacy of the procedures.


Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Immediately before the procedure, the contour of the future beard is carefully drawn. The implantation of hair in the beard area is carried out under local anesthesia. Modern preparations of local anesthesia allow the procedure to be performed painlessly, in conditions comfortable for patient.

First  stage of the procedure:
Extraction of grafts for transplantation into the beard area. Transplant grafts are taken from the back of the head. Hair grafts are separated, prepared for transplantation, processed, sorted and counted.

Second stage of the procedure:
Implantation of grafts into the chin area.

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

New methods, tools, advanced equipment today allow to solve baldness of almost any size,  also to transplant mustache, beard for men, and create elegant eyebrows for women. Moreover, both the high density of the hairline is restored, as well as its slope, growth angle, and even curly hair. In addition to creating hairstyles, transplantation helps to mask the effects of cicatricial alopecia on the face - injuries, burns,etc.

At any stages of alopecia, transplantation is carried out painlessly and comfortably, on an outpatient basis. In case of large areas of baldness it is performed twice. Up to five hundred grafts can be implanted at a time. 


Transplantation is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, arterial hypotension, cancer, some diseases of the scalp, specific mental disorders as dysmorphophobia, trichotillomania, etc.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for patients under 17 years of age, when the hormonal background is not yet stable. And also after 70, when the recovery processes in the body slow down, and graft survival cannot be guaranteed.

FUE Technique

One of the popular hair transplant methods in recent years, FUE Follicular Unit Extraction is microsurgical manipulation of obtaining grafts and their implantation without cuts and sutures. Follicles of 1-3 hairs are individually taken in the occipital region of the patient or in other parts of the body. The operation is painless and carried out in one day. There are two techniques for this seamless method that differ in the tools used. Hand technique, FUE Hand and Mechanical way FUE


Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is necessary if the eyebrows do not grow due to injuries or other reasons, as well as if a person wants to change their shape, color,  etc. This is the most effective way to get rid of scars  that violate the aesthetic appearance. Indications for eyebrow transplantation are: hair loss due to injuries, burns, tattooing, stress, pregnancy, chemotherapy, etc.; complexes due to appearance; facial paralysis; hormonal system malfunctions; to make them thicker. It is not possible to get rid of eyebrow alopecia using other methods.  Eyebrow transplantation is performed using grafts that contain 1-2 hair follicles. As a rule, hairs from the occipital part of the head are used for transplantation.

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplantation in women in almost all cases is offered: 

The so-called androgenetic alopecia, in which hair loss occurs from the frontal part of the head. The cause is a hormonal imbalance that stops the function of hair growth. Transplantation is indicated at stages second and  third.

As a rule, high hairline is an innate feature that gives an unnatural appearance to the female appearance. During the operation, not only the height of the frontal line is corrected, but also its shape.

Cicatricial deformities, post-traumatic and post-burn changes that cause the replacement of follicles with connective tissue. Often the consequences of failed plastic surgeries have to be corrected, after which there are rough scars. Unprofessional plastic also leads to a change in the hairline, which also needs to be adjusted.

Hair Transplant On Scar Tissue

There are frequent cases when such affected areas cause a wide variety of psychological problems and bring significant discomfort. Hair transplant on scars can correct this situation. This is the only and effective way to restore beauty. Most often, such procedures are performed on the scalp, where scars and lack of hair are most.
Hair transplantation on a scar on the head can be carried out by different methods. The most modern and effective are:
FUE, practically not traumatic, painless, gives a high level of recovery
HFE, least traumatic, allows you to implant hair at a natural angle, requires minimal rehabilitation

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for hair includes injections of cocktails of vitamins, healthy microorganisms, nutrients that contribute to the active effect on the hair, stimulating their density, large volume, pleasant color. Hair mesotherapy procedure always begins with a routine examination. This allows you to determine the degree of baldness, the place of thinning hair, the presence of gray hair.  Mesotherapy is a painful process. People who have not lost hope of regaining their healthy magnificent hair agree to it. It is important to know that one procedure for a miraculous effect is not enough. You will have to repeat it 10-13 times. The interval between visits is 7 days.

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Onur Sümer M.D.
Onur Sümer M.D. Hair Transplantation

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