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Caucasus Medical Center is the largest hospital from Evex Hospitals’ network of 19 clinics in 6 regions of Georgia. Multi-disciplinary clinic, with decent experience offers its patients high-technology and innovative diagnostic and treatment methods, both in inpatient and outpatient regime, based on medical research. Designed according to JCI standards, Center is staffed by high-qualified doctors and nurses with working experience in Western countries.

Cooperating with distinguished hospitals and world-renowned specialists (Alimp, Israel) ensures most appropriate management of complex cases, through inviting foreign specialists or telemedicine. Caucasus Medical Center actively participates in governmental programs such as cancer screening and is biggest inpatient basis of the National Disease Control Center and the Ministry of Health.

Also, Caucasus Medical Center serves as a medical tourism hub for the region. Providing international healthcare for everyone at an affordable price, is the clinic’s main principle. Free medical concierge services are provided for international patients’ maximal comfort.

The team of specialists who gained knowledge and experience in Western countries, advanced medical infrastructure and the variety of services and competitive prices are main advantages of Caucasus Medical Center. The network offers medical operations such as liver, bone marrow and cornea transplantations which are rare in the region.

Highly qualified medical staff, modern technologies and competitive pricing are the key points, bringing international patients to Georgia.

Full support is provided at EVEX’s dedicated international patient’s division for those seeking high-quality healthcare. Not only in finding right doctor and treatment, also travel assistance, translation services, airport pick up and arranging accommodations.

Moreover, Caucasus Medical Centre is the partner of many international insurance companies.


General Surgery

Surgical Department at the Caucasus Medical Center offers full range of Surgical services, high-technology, contemporary diagnostic and treatment methods which are based on latest medical research.

The advantage of The Caucasus Medical Center is rendering of high-quality medical care, which is provided by the infrastructure, technologies and highly qualified specialists of the clinic.

The advantage of the Caucasus Medical Center is the provision of high quality medical services provided by highly qualified specialists through the clinic’s infrastructure and modern technologies.

Planned and emergency Laparoscopic and open surgeries are performed 24 hours a day.


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) for treating obesity;

Cholecystectomy performed by both, laparoscopic and open methods;

Appendectomy performed by both, open and laparoscopic methods;

Hernia removal and plastic surgery, using "grid” as the prosthetic material;

hemicolectomy or intestinal resection (with megasigma, diverticulitis and other pathologies) through Laparoscopic and open methods;

Biliary tract reconstructive surgery;

Gastrointestinal tract (stoma closure, various postoperative syndromes) reconstructive operations;

Stomach resection through open and laparoscopic methods;

Splenectomy through open and laparoscopic methods;

Open and laparoscopic Diaphragm hernia reconstructive operations;

Open and Laparoscopic treatment of peritonitis;

Open and laparoscopic Ulceroraphy;

Pancreatic surgery;

Liver, lungs and other organs open and laparoscopic surgeries due to ecinococcus;

Esophagus achalasia surgery;

Esophagus diverticulum surgery;

Open and laparoscopic surgeries of obstruction.


Laparoscopic and open stomach resections;

Gastrectomy (as a part of stomach tumor treatment);

Pancreatoduodenal resection (as a part of pancreas and duodenum tumors and papillas);

Open and laparoscopic left-sided hemicolectomy (as a part of colon tumor treatment);

Open and laparoscopic right-sided hemicolectomy (as a part of colon tumor treatment);

Open and laparoscopic transverse colon resection (as a part of transverse colon tumor treatment);

pen and laparoscopic resection of the sigmoid colon (as a part of sigmoid colon treatment);

Open and laparoscopic resection of the small intestine (as a part of small intestine tumor);

Open and laparoscopic resection of the rectum (as a part of rectal tumor treatment);

Open and laparoscopic Extirpation of the rectum (as a part of rectal tumor treatment);

Open and laparoscopic Distal resection of pancreas (as a part of pancreatic tumor treatment);

Open and laparoscopic Splenectomy (as apart of spleen tumor treatment);

Retroperitoneal tumor removal;

Liver resections (atypical and lobar).

General surgery team follows evidence-based medicine news on daily basis, this supports high quality of service and positive outcomes. postoperative complications and mortality rates at Caucasus Medical Center, are minimal.

Interventional Radiology

Equipped with modern technologies, Angiosurgery department at Caucasus Medical Center works 24 hours a day; operative diagnosis and problem solutions are conducted by both, endovascular (surgery without open surgical incision) and open surgery methods.

Headed by Grigol Keshelava PhD, Angiosurgery department of Caucasus Medical Center offers management of complex diseases such as aneurysm, atherosclerosis and various vascular pathologies through the evidence-based medicine approaches.

Any complexity endovascular and hybrid operations are conducted at the clinic, in particular:

Varicose vein surgery

Dialysis arteriovenous shunt formation, including femoral AV shunt formation by large vein transposition;

Thoraco-abdominal aorta aneurysm reconstruction using an artificial linear prosthesis;

Thoraco-bifemoral shunting for thrombosis and chronic occlusion of abdominal aorta infrarenal segment;

Correction of abdominal aorta infrarenal segment - linear prosthetics with an artificial prosthesis;

Correction of the abdominal aorta infrarenal segment through aorto-bifemoral shunting with an artificial prosthesis;

Carotid artery aneurysms operations

Correction of the abdominal aorta infrarenal segment through an aortomonemoral shunting with an artificial prosthesis;

Aorto-femoral shunting through an artificial prosthesis;

Cross femoral-femoral shunting;

Femoral-popliteal autovenous shunting / with artificial prosthesis;

Carotid arteries endarterectomy;

Internal carotid artery autovenous shunting.

Endovascular surgery

Descending thoracic aorta endoprosthetics;

Abdominal aorta infrarenal segment endoprosthetics;

Abdominal aorta infrarenal segment and femoral arteries endoprosthetic;

Pelvic arteries stenting;

Femoral arteries Stenting.

Hybrid operations

Thoracic aorta descending segment stent grafting, infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm correction, aorto-bifemoral shunting;

Stenting of femoral arteries, femoral-popliteal shunting.


Equipped with modern infrastructure and medical devices, Oncology Department at Caucasus Medical Center in functioning since 2018.

The hospital offers variety of oncology services:

Full diagnostics of hematologic and oncologic diseases

Bone marrow biopsy

Hematologic and oncologic diseases treatment in outpatient and inpatient regimen;

Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, , targeted therapy;

Surgical services;

Modern operating rooms and post-operative wards work 24 hours a day.

Various diagnostic tools include:

Computer Tomography (CT);

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);


Digital X-rays;

Full laboratory services;


Digital mammography;

Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration;

Digital angiography;

CT angiography;

Liver triphasic volumetry.

surgical procedures:


Endoscopic (transurethral) surgeries in urology, using modern electrosurgical blocks;

Surgical treatment of oncology patients.

Open surgeries include:

Distal gastrectomy and lymphodissection;

Proximal gastrectomy and lymphodissection;


Right- sided colectomy and lymphodissection;

Left- sided colectomy and lymphodissection;

Rectal excision;

Excision of retroperitoneal tumor;

Excision of pheochromocytomas;

Whipple and other radical procedures for pancreatic head, body and tail tumors;

Segmental and hemi-liver resection including biliary ducts (tumors);

Removal of gallbladder cancer with lymphadenectomy and liver resection;

Metastatic secondary lesions.



Exploratory surgery of choledochus;


Rectal excision;

Segmental resection of liver;

Lung resection.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Headed by Vadim Khatiashvili PhD, member of Gynecologic endoscopists Russian and European associations and staffed with high qualified specialists, Caucasus Medical center Gynecology Department is functioning 24 hours a day, performing   complex surgical procedures through laparoscopic and endoscopic methods and offering high-quality services to its patients.


Pap test;

Endometrial pipelle biopsy


Cervical biopsy;

Cervix electronic conization through coagulation. Complete and partial cervical resection, cervical cryodestruction, coagulation;

Endometrial aspiration biopsy;


Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasonography;

Pelvic cavity MRI;

Ultrasound study using 3D and 4DD technologies.


Polycystic ovary syndrome;

Various genesis ovarian cysts of (dermoid cyst, endometriotic cyst);

Fallopian tubes operations (hydrosalpinx, sactosalpinx, pyosalpinx, hematosalpinx, healing process);

Endometriosis laparoscopic treatment;

Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy;

Apoplexy of ovarian cyst;

Uterus total and subtotal hysterectomy;

Deep endometriosis operations (resection of endometrioid heterotopies, intestinal resection);

Rudimentary horn extirpation, uterine malformations;

All types of endoscopic operations for infertility, nodular uterine myoma / conservative myomectomy.


Uterovaginal complete and incomplete prolapse (uterus prolapse, promontofixation);

Stress urinary incontinence;

TVT operations using a grid;

Cystocele-Rectocele (anteroposterior colporaphia, perineoraphia, hysterectomy).


Diagnostic hysteroscopy;

Uterine polyp;

Cervical polyp;

Submucous uterine myoma; resection of submucous myoma;

Endometrial hyperplasia;

Endometrial glands hyperplasia.

Resection and ablation of endometrium;

Uterine malformations - uterine cavity septum;



Managed by highly qualified professionals, Mikheil Omiadze and Mikheil Gabrichidze, and equipped with latest technologies, Ophthalmology Center at Caucasus Medical Center offers full range of ophthalmic services 24 hours a day

Ophthalmology services:

1. Cataract treatment with ultrasound (without sutures)

Phacoemulsification using high-tech multifocal lens implantation;

Congenital cataract treatment using artificial lenses; 

Secondary cataract laser treatment - YAG laser capsulotomy.

2.  Surgical treatment of glaucoma


Express shunt implantation;

YAG laser iridotomy.

3.  keratoconus conservative and surgical treatment

Cornea UV radiation - crosslinking.

 Implantation of Intracorneal ring using femtolaser

 Corneal transplantation using femtolaser

4. Artificial corneal implantation (Boston Keratoprosthesis)

5. Astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia correction using femtolaser

    (astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia)

6.  Surgical correction of severe myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia using phakic lens implantation.

7.  Avastin Intraocular injection (intravitreous) (macular dystrophy and diabetic eye)

8.  Retinal detachment Surgical treatment hemopthalmos - vitrectomy.

9. Nystagmus surgical treatment and computer programs for amblyopia exercises.

10. Retinal laser-coagulation for diabetic eye and peripheral dystrophy. 

11. 24-hour emergency services

Trauma, acute eye infection, foreign body removal, burn, etc.

12.  Micro surgery (lacrimal canals, lids, conjunctiva, etc.) evisceration, enucleation

High-technology diagnostics:

1.  Angiography

2. Coherent tomography – Anterior segment, retinal and optic nerve (glaucoma diagnostics  years before its manifestation) pathologies.

3. Corneal topography – corneal thinning (keratoconus) early diagnostics using Pentacam.

4. Ultrasound diagnostics - B Scan (Sonomed Escalon) eye ultrasound, UBM - Anterior segment ultrasound

5.  Corneal endothelial cell count – Specular microscopy for corneal pathologies, early diagnostics.

6. Verion – Artificial (Toric) lens for cataract surgery

7. Computer perimetry – determining the visual field


Age-related cataract;

Children's cataract;

Traumatic cataract;

Complicated cataract;

Secondary cataract laser treatment - YAG laser capsulotomy.

Anti-glaucomatous surgery: anterior cell shunting, the trabeculotomy with iridectomy, trabeculoplasty;

Front vitrectomy;

Pterygoid membrane removal of and conjunctival transplantation;

Operations of the lacrimal passages: transnasal and cryocystorhinostomy, dacryocystectomy;

Eyelids reconstructive surgery;

Enucleation and evisceration;

Removing of chalazion.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Staffed by highly qualified professionals and equipped with latest technologies, Cardiosurgery department at Caucasus Medical Center offers its services 24 hours a day.
Following cardiosurgical operations are performed in The Caucasus Medical Center:

Coronary shunting;

Congenital and acquired cardiac anomalies Surgery;

Valve surgery, including mini invasive approach;

Cardiac and thoracic tumors Surgery;

Aortic Surgery;

Endovascular surgery;

Peripheral arteries Surgery;

Venous system Surgery;

Rhythm surgery.


Caucasus Medical Center Urology department is famous of its diverse and quality services.

Equipped with latest technologies, both operation and postoperative care tools, offers patients full range of Urological treatment.

Department is open for urgent and planned urological interventions, both inpatient and outpatient systems.


Endoscopic surgery for r kidney, ureter and bladder stones removal using a powerful holmium laser, which doesn’t limit us by the size of stone.

Medicamentous, endoscopic, laparoscopic and open surgical treatment for prostate benign enlargement - in the case of endoscopy, the procedure is performed with the help of a bipolar apparatus and with a laser.

Endoscopic surgery and drug treatment of early stage bladder and upper urinary tract tumors (chemotherapy or immunotherapy) - in case of spread, laparoscopic or open radical cystectomy (bladder removal) and nephrectomy (kidney and ureter removal) are considered. In the case of cystectomy, various types of intestinal reservoirs are performed (orthotopic reservoir, sigmorectal reservoir, ileum conduit) as agreed with the patient.

Prostate cancer treatment with laparoscopic and open radical prostatectomy (prostate removal) - in the case of the spread and presence of metastases, systemic hormone therapy and chemotherapy are conducted.

Early stage kidney cancer resection, by both, laparoscopy and open method - in case of spread, laparoscopic nephrostomy is performed (kidney removal) or, in the case of a blood clot in the vein, open nephrectomy and thrombus removal.

Laparoscopic and open plastic surgery for narrowing of the pyelourethral angle or any part of the ureter.

A full range of emergency services

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Caucasus Medical Center Orthopedics and Traumatology department offers its patients full range of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services both inpatient and outpatient regimen, 24 hours a day. Department is equipped with latest technologies, conducting following procedures/operations:

Methods of osteosynthesis with a blocking rod;

Pelvic and knee joints endoprosthesis;

Congenital and acquired short limbs elongation;

Knee and shoulder joints pathologies treatment using the latest arthroscope: injury of the yoga apparatus, meniscectomy, etc.;

Surgical treatment of orthopedic and severe traumatic conditions arising from musculoskeletal pathologies;

The periosteum of the tubular bone, extrafocal and intramedullary osteosynthesis;

Congenital and acquired bone deformities Surgical treatment;

Pelvic and knee joints primary endoprosthesis;

Pelvic and knee joints revision and oncoprosthetics.

The clinic also conducts operations according to the MIPO method, which implies minimal invasive intervention.


Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries


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Aleksandre Lagvilava M.D.
Aleksandre Lagvilava M.D. General Surgery
Gaga Keshelava M.D.
Gaga Keshelava M.D. Cardiovascular Surgery
Aida Gozalova M.D.
Aida Gozalova M.D. Hematology, Oncology
Vadim Khatiashvili M.D.
Vadim Khatiashvili M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology


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